Whitehorse Canoe Club


Rain, rain, come today please!

Keep your eyes glued to the heavens, people, as we pray for precipitation (or whatever is a politically correct way to say that).

Thanks for Alison for putting this year's paddling calendar together, but we do need another ingredient to make it work. Let's hope it comes our way. There will be lots of Yarra trips while we wait.



Our "Email of the Month" winner, from Sean Marler:

Finally - all our rain dancing in tribal peace paints are having an impact in the water catchments!

While maybe not enough to get "Good" levels on the better white water trips, these rains are indeed magic and are saturating soils both north and south of the eastern Great Divide.

Warburton has had >60mm of rain in 48 hours and the Upper yarra river is rising, albeit very slowly. Depending on run-off, it could get to 1.1 - At 1.5, this is a divine grade 3 cream bun run.

West to east Gippsland is getting a solid dose of rain and a low pressure trough will bring more weather over the weekend. Mt hotham has had >50 mm in 24 hours so the Mitta will come up, as might the upper creeks of the Cobungra and Bundarah rivers. Further, the King, Delatite and Indi catchments are all wet. It all bodes well for a good season thus far...

It's great to see that some long term forecasts (from mid summer) for autumn rains have come to fruition. Keep the dancing up and see ya in the eddy!

Ciao, Sean


Welcome to 2014 everyone! It's going to be a big year of paddling - if it rains. If not, it'll be a bit quieter, but fun all the same. As for what's flowing, Ross just returned from the Franklin River and can report that there's plenty of water down Tassie way. For those wanting a closer river, there was a recent club trip to Bluegums, which runs through summer due to dam release. Much fun, and great to polish your skills for when the bigger rivers start running.

We're currently working on the calendar for the year, so stay tuned. Happy paddling!


The paddling season is winding up, but there are still trips running. The Yarra continues to offer fun playboating with low levels, and there are always interstate trips to wet your appetite (pardon the pun).

This year's been a big year, with the Tasmanian Rivers Trip being a major undertaking. Thanks to Alison for the organising with that one, and her trip report is a great read - click here.

Keep checking the calendar for surf trips, Yarra and Blue Gums trips over summer.